A blockchain game

Build your crypto skates and win battles to earn tokens!


Trick Competition

Trick Competition is the first model of CryptoSkates where the player will compete against the other skaters to see whoever does more points.

NFT Marketplace

All Hero NFTs are based on blockchain technology. That means everything can digitally own, transferred, sold in-game. Buy or Sell your NFTs collected in the game on the marketplace to get rewards.


Players can challenge others to check who is the most skilled skater. The player will earn experience points (EXP), tokens (CST), and keys that can be used to open new boxes.


You can upgrade your NFT using the in-game token to multiply your income. Earn more with higher levels!

Play to Earn

All Hero NFTs are based on blockchain technology. That means everything can be owned, transferred and sold in-game. Your NFTs collected in the game can be exchanged with other players in the Marketplace. Experience and earn real money.


Q3 2021
Phase 1

Technology researching: Blockchain, NFT (done)
The beginning of CryptoSkates development (done)

Q4 2021
Phase 2

Game Ideas and Concepts (done)
Beginning of Crypto Skates Development (done)
Creation of Whitepaper and Roadmap (done)
Hiring Developers, Moderators and Graphic Designers (done)
PVE Development (done)

Q1 2022
Phase 3

Testnet Launch of CryptoSkates (done)
Creation of Social Channels and Promotion Events (done)
Whitelist (done)
Token Private Sale (done)
Token Pre-sale (done)
Pancake Swap Listing (done)
Game launch (done)
Trick Competition (done)
Airdrops (done) Upgrade feature (done)
Customization feature (in progress)
Marketplace (done)

Q2 2022
Phase 4

Listing token to major exchanges (in progress)
PVP Competition (done)
Tournaments (in progress)

Audit & KYC